Paper Chef #46

As the winner of last month’s Paper Chef, the judging baton has passed to me. The Paper Chef is a challenge in which cooks are challenged to create a recipe using a list of ingredients that are selected by that month’s judge. Three of those ingredients are picked from a list provided by Paper Chef and the fourth ingredient is chosen by the judge.

The challenge begins today, Wednesday November 4 and must be submitted by Tuesday November 10 at midnight (your time).

For complete rules and submission guidelines, please visit Paper Chef.

So…put on your chef’s hat…arm yourself with your wooden spoon…and prepare to be challenged by these ingredients:



And the fourth random ingredient:
Impossible? No! Challenging? Yes! There are several variables possible in these ingredients, and I think it should be interesting because there’s not an “obvious” dish (that I know of) that could be made from these ingredients.

I’m very excited to see all the recipes created by those willing to take the challenge. GOOD LUCK!


4 Responses to Paper Chef #46

  1. janiesol says:

    way to shake things up!!

  2. Mikey says:

    this will be interesting!!!

  3. cathy x. says:

    i expect there will be a few awfully horrendous concoctions indeed 😛

  4. Tricia says:

    Oh my – peanut butter and beets? No idea. Although I have seen some Bolivian dishes that include peanut butter – maybe those will inspire me…

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